Tips to Leh Ladakh Tour

Leh Ladakh is the most favorable destination for all the tourists. It is one of the best places in India that people like to visit these days. The land of Ladakh is blessed with all the beautiful war, as well as hospitable people. People like to visit this place because it has the highest habitable place that is 5000 meters above sea level. Ladakh is nestled in the Himalayas and it is the best place for all the people who love to go enjoy the natural beauty of nature. This place is blessed with the cold climate as it is located at the border of India with Pakistan as well as chine. It is even known as the little Tibet. People like to visit Ladakh because of its special features as well as climate condition. But it is vital for all the travelers to take proper precaution if they are planning to travel Leh Ladakh.

If you are thinking to travel Ladakh, then one can opt for frequent flight. The Best time to visit Leh Ladakh is from the month of May to September as the climate is warm. Even one can travel in the month of December so as to experience rain and cold climate.

Things to be kept in mind while traveling to Ladakh are as follows:

  1. Temperature: Ladakh is the place that ranges from 9000ft to 25,170ft in the saser kangri. In summers this place is much comfortable and better for the people who cannot bear cold winds. It is because in winters the place becomes very cold, as the temperature drops 30 minus. For all the people who are thinking to travel Ladakh should know that in the month of December should know that this place experiences zero degree temperature. But the strength of sun is very great in comparison with the lower altitudes.
  2. Passport and permit: One should know that there is no permit required if a person is thinking to visit Ladakh. But, it is mandatory for the foreigners to take the registration before traveling to Ladakh. A person can register at drass, sarchu as well as rumtse. But if you are thinking to visit Ladakh through the airways, then the person is suggested to get the registration done on the airport as soon as possible. One should opt for protected area permit if they wish to travel in the restricted areas like- 
    • Tso Moriri
    • Tso Kar
    • Pangong Tso Lake
    • Dhahanu
    • Nubra valley
  3. Sickness: People those who are having altitude sickness should opt to be careful while traveling to Ladakh. It is one of the major troubles that a person might suffer while traveling to Ladakh. The trip might cause mountain sickness to many people as it is located on a great height which is why the oxygen level was low. Some of the people experience the problem of sickness at the time of increasing the altitude. Some of the symptoms of altitude sickness are:-       
  4. Keep the identity proofs: It is always suggested that the person should keep various copies of the driving license, PUC, Vehicle registration papers as well as PAN. It will help in going through the military checkpoints easily.
  5. Popular attraction: Most of the people are suggested to visit different places of Ladakh like: 

These are the best Tips for traveling that a person should keep in mind so that they can have a perfect journey without any hassle. Even one should assign the reliable traveler who can help in showing the beauty of the place properly.

Some of the Best things to do in Ladakh are:

  1. PangongTso lake: It is one of the famous lakes in Ladakh in Asia which is situated at the height of 4350 meters. It is even known as the hollow lake as it emerges as the beautiful example of the natural’s artisanship. During winters, it is completely frozen despite being saline water.
  2. Zanskar valley: It is the highest peak of the Himachal as it is located in the remote corner of Leh Ladakh. This valley receives maximum attention from all the travelers all around the world. It is the best place during the winter season.

  1. Tso Moriri Lake: This is even known as Mountain Lake as it is spectacular for all the visitors. This lake has an altitude of around 14,836 feet or the 4,522 meters which is the highest altitudes lakes as well as India. This is the lake is very beautiful because it is very covered natural beauties. This lake is covered with hills around.

  1. Diskit Monastery: It is one of the oldest and largest Buddhist monastery at the Nubra. If a person is visiting Ladakh, then they should look around this monastery as it gives a pleasing feel to all the people. This place is founded by the Tsong khapa, one of the disciples of Buddhist. He tends to look for the monastery near lachung temple as well as a hundur monastery. This monastery is even known as Diskit Gompa. So, all the people who are interested in Buddhist or wish to attain peace, then they are suggested to visit this place and learn different medication techniques accurately.