Most Thrilling Tours to Leh Ladakh

Top most thrilling tours in Ladakh for getting an adrenaline rush:

Ladakh is an eternal beauty that has a captivating charm around itself and that is the major reason why every year, it attracts thousands of adventure lovers across the Globe. Beautiful mountains draped in the snow, high-altitude summit passes, winding roads, mesmerizing lakes, and lush valleys, there is so much that this place has to offer. Well, this place is not only home to the most ancient monasteries but also a spot for a variety of thrilling activities to enjoy. Furthermore, it is suggested to check whether the current time of the month is appropriate for traveling or not.

Ladakh Bike Tour – The most amazing adventure:

Motorbike riding is definitely an exhilarating experience and what enhances the level of your enjoyment is when you are going on a Leh and Ladakh Bike Trip. Passing through rocky terrains of Himalayas, this bike expedition is certainly going to be a memorable moment of your lifetime. So, what are you waiting for?

For enjoying an ultimate thrill, a motorbike trip to Ladakh has been attracting numerous adventure aficionados from a very long time. Ride through barren hills, world’s tallest mountain peaks, and strike a pose with those witty and unique sign boards on your way. Give it a shot and there is no way that you won’t love your life on the road. Arrive at the Leh city, adapt the surroundings, and do not forget to visit the best tourist attractions in the region.

Best time for you to go on a bike expedition in Ladakh:

Planning a bike trip to Ladakh requires you to manage a lot of things and also choose the right time for having a good time here. For almost half of a year, roads in Ladakh are inaccessible and covered in snow and that is why it is highly recommended to visit the place during monsoon and summer season. You must plan your motorcycle tour to the region between the months of May and October.

River Rafting in Zanskar and Indus:

When it comes to your list of intoxicating tours in Leh and Ladakh, river rafting must be on the top of it as this brings you closer to the heaven and is only advised for the strong-hearted ones. The stunning landscape of Ladakh offers a perfect sight for every rafter out there.

Crossing through cold waters in the mid of snow-crested peaks and deep canyons gives you a feeling like never before. Ladakh provides the visitors with a wide variety of river rafting choices that includes Zanskar River Rafting and Indus River Rafting.

Talking about stretches, the best one in Indus River is between Saspol and Spituk. In case you wish to try the difficult stretches, do not miss out on the gaping ravine in Zanskar between Nimu and Padum.

Best time to try river rafting in Ladakh: As the water levels remain high between the months of June and August, you must plan for river rafting in the Monsoon season.

Explore the hidden treasures of the land:

The bliss of the mountains is one of the major reasons why people love to go on a vacation to Ladakh as this region introduces you to a picturesque landscape. Whether you are planning a trip with your family or you wish to go with a crazy bunch of friends, you will be left with a memory that will always be etched in your mind forever.

Imagine yourself pulling out the curtains of your room just to witness a spectacular view of nature. Doesn’t it sound like a fantasy? Well, not anymore as in Ladakh you will be presented with an exceptional and out-of-the-world view. Moreover, explore several monasteries which are absolute proof of our shared roots with Tibet. Engross yourself in the beauty of TsoMoriri, and Pangong Lake etc. and if you want, you can also visit the secluded villages as well. From the unique Nubra Valley to cold desert inhabited by the Bactrian camels, there are so manythrilling activities to do in Ladakh that you will definitely fall short of time. Go on a fun-filled journey across Khardung La Pass and other mountain passes. Last but not least, do not forget to visit colorful markets, Leh Palace, and a lot of other wonderful sites.

Best time for you to visit: Since this tour consist of the amazing tourist spots of Ladakh, it would be sensible of you to choose the season from May to October. Moreover, June and July are also completely blissful to successfully execute your plans.

Enjoy Jeep Safari and have the time of your life:

In order to efficiently deal with the demanding altitude of Ladakh and also enjoy moonscape at the same time, then there is no other better option to choose than opting for an exciting Jeep Safari to Leh and Ladakh. With countless places to visit, from monasteries to the icy lakes and high passes you will certainly never get bored. The availability of various tours is also there so that one can easily choose as per his budget, needs, and requirements. Some popular routes are Trans Himalayan Safari, Srinagar-Leh, and Manali-Leh.

One of the major reasons why tourists love to go for a jeep safari is because it provides immense comfort and convenience to people belonging to every age group. Furthermore, if you are traveling with your family then you must give it a shot. The duration differs according to the itinerary and ranges from 6 - 15 days.

The majestic beauty of Ladakh is a treat to the eyes, be it for a kid or for a senior citizen. Especially when it comes to adventurous things to do in Ladakh, there is an endless list that goes on and on. A huge shout out to all the travelers out there who are eagerly waiting to experience something life-changing as this region will surely leave you wanting for more. Furthermore, before you go for river rafting, trekking etc., ensure the fact that you are healthy and fit to perform these activities.